Welcome to XR Jews UK


XR Jews is a faith-based community group that is trying to bring XR to Jews and bring Jews to XR. We participate in national XR actions, and run XR-related activities all year round in the Jewish community.

Key things we do:

  • Outreach
  • Participation
  • Engagement
  • Partnership


Coronavirus has meant that many of us are unable to engage with actions, and are financially struggling. If you or somebody you know is shielding during this time or requires assistance, please use the directory linked here to find a local mutual aid group who can help you.

You can also follow the COVID-19 UK Aid page for updates or to set up your own local group:

Fourth Demand Update

XR Jews is supportive of a fourth demand and wants to make sure that the voices that need to be heard are the ones that are heard.

We are participating in discussion and consultation with the XR community as a whole and will decide on final adoption of a new demand when the position of XR is confirmed.

If you want to contribute please reach out.

The public fourth demand poll is here if you want to contribute as an individual.

As a diverse community we hope that the result of this process reflects the complexity of our Jewish community as well as the complexity of the community as a whole.

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